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AutoCAD For Mac Club W/ Jay Cad

Jay Cad
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My name is Jay, and I am the founder of Jay Cad - a drafting service based in Los Angeles, CA

I started in the AEC industry as a junior drafter and as a CAD tutor for almost 5 years.

I realized I really enjoyed explaining concepts and ideas to people and found my way eventually to make some tutorials on Autocad and shared it on YouTube.

Figured it would be cool to share some behind the scenes, and some tips & tricks on how to master Autocad and went ahead with creating this membership page on Gumroad along with a similar page on Patreon.

My aim is to help a lot of people understand Autocad - its such a tough software to approach and work with and I believe I can help make it a little easier.

I would love to have you as part of my audience if you have read this far and I wish you the best in your learning journey!

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AutoCAD For Mac Club W/ Jay Cad

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