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AutoCAD Mac - Complete Course For Arch & Interior Design

Jay Cad
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The only AutoCAD Mac course to learn everything you need for your architecture or interior design project!

A project-based course made for AutoCAD Mac users and focused on architecture & interior designs students and professionals. This is the only course that solely focuses on AutoCAD Mac without any mention of the windows version.

This course is focused and narrowed to the absolute essential concepts to learn, to help you get up to speed on AutoCAD in NO-TIME!

You will learn over 50 commands & concepts and guarantee for you to become an advanced user by the end of the course.

For your reference, I am using AutoCAD 2023 for Mac but previous versions can follow along and should not have any trouble using all the commands and concepts mentioned.

If in doubt, check out the 1st part here:

This course is perfect for the AEC industry including: 

  • Drafters
  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Engineers

I designed this course to teach two core elements: 

  1. How to use AutoCAD efficiently
  2. Learn an excellent workflow to build up your project

On top of the lectures, you get a WEALTH of resources to help you create projects in No-Time!  Great VALUE for your investment

Resources included Are: 

  1. AutoCAD blocks and libraries.
  2. AutoCAD standard Annotation Styles For Text, Dimensions, and Leaders
  3. Standard Layers list for architecture & interior design projects.
  4. Standard Title blocks to use for your projects.
  5. Cheat sheets to print and reference for excellent learning experience.
  6. Complete project file to reference.

I will cover all the major concepts in AutoCAD to help you create a complete project from scratch.

Topics include: 

  • Learning the interface
  • Drawing commands
  • Modifying commands
  • Annotation commands (text, dimenions, leaders) 
  • Working with Layers
  • Creating Groups
  • Creating & editing Blocks
  • Layouts & sheets
  • Setting different page sizes
  • Viewports
  • Drawing Scale
  • Printing to Pdf a single sheet.
  • Printing multiple sheets.

In this course, I will teach you how to draw: 

  • Floor plan
  • Roof plan
  • Exterior elevations
  • Interior elevations
  • Sections

This course will be a continued effort and additional material will kept getting added as I create additional material to cover additional topics such as:

  • Creating a template file
  • Adding details to use later on
  • Combining different AutoCAD projects
  • Combining sets with structural drawings
  • Putting a complete Architectural project set together
  • Creating detailed interior elevations
  • Creating detailed furniture
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You'll get access to +6HRs of training material along with the source files used to create the final project


AutoCAD Mac - Complete Course For Arch & Interior Design

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